Learn about FWD

FWD is a very complex technology that has 2 "sides": conversion and runtime. The conversion is an automated process of language to language translation. It has many aspects of compilers, translators, parsers, lexers, preprocessing, tree manipulation. The runtime is the compatibility environment that enables converted Java applications to run as a drop-in replacement to the original 4GL. This is a custom application server and clients that have extensive libraries for compatibility. The ramp-up time for these different and complicated technologies is non-trivial. The following is a list of the steps in that ramp-up:

1. Read the Conversion Handbook.

2. Read the Developer Guide.

3. Read Writing TRPL Expressions for some details about TRPL. Make sure to review the links at the bottom of that chapter.

4. To learn about some key parts of the FWD application server infrastructure, review these links:

5. Review the classes/interfaces in the following packages to get a better understanding of the runtime code:

com/goldencode/p2j/main/ (this includes the bootstrapping code for both the application server and the clients)
com/goldencode/p2j/util/ (most of the base language 4GL compatibility stuff is here including the data types and the block/transaction processing)
com/goldencode/p2j/persist/ (database layer)
com/goldencode/p2j/ui/ (user-interface layer)

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