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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
8324User InterfaceBugNewNormalON MOUSE-SELECT-DOWN does not suppress ON EMPTY-SELECTION02/22/2024 04:33 PM
8309Base LanguageBugNewNormalDo the error handling for r-index and extend implementation to INDEX and LONGCHARVladimir Tsichevski02/22/2024 03:18 AM
8306User InterfaceSupportNewNormal3-button mouse to portable mouse mapping?02/21/2024 02:50 PM
8305User InterfaceSupportNewNormalChUI: how to change focus between items which belong to different frames?02/21/2024 02:48 PM
8300User InterfaceBugNewNormalNPE in ChUI mode when ESC is pressed.02/20/2024 01:25 PM
8299User InterfaceBugNewNormalALERT-BOX in ChUI mode incorrectly handles long messages02/20/2024 01:13 PM
8294Base LanguageBugNewNormalSESSION attributes access statements produce uncompilable Java code02/20/2024 09:37 AM
8281Runtime InfrastructureBugTestNormalUse CacheManager for DynamicQueryHelper and DynamicValidationHelperDănuț Filimon02/19/2024 03:55 AM
8274Base LanguageBugNewNormaluse singleton/immutable BDT instances when returned from FWD runtime into the application02/13/2024 02:26 PM
8273Base LanguageBugNewNormalavoid ErrorConditionException for FIND ... NO-ERROR if no record is found02/13/2024 02:24 PM
8272Base LanguageBugNewNormalreduce ClassNotFoundException and NoSuchMethodException usage in RuntimeJastInterpreter02/13/2024 02:23 PM
8261User InterfaceBugInternal TestNormalREGRESSION: delete selection works incorrectly for a left-aligned decimal FILL-INVladimir Tsichevski02/09/2024 01:17 PM
8260User InterfaceBugNewNormaltreelist sorting column with null and empty string values does not produce correct result02/08/2024 09:32 AM
8259DatabaseBugNewNormalReduce the work done by PreselectQuery.coreFetch02/09/2024 04:57 AM
8257Conversion ToolsBugNewNormalmeta tables leaking to primary database02/07/2024 02:30 PM
8251DatabaseBugNewNormalFine tune CompoundQuery optimization when contains clauses are used02/07/2024 04:46 AM
8249DatabaseBugNewNormalIntroduce a fast fill method to optimize Dataset.fillAlexandru Donica02/08/2024 02:14 PM
8239User InterfaceBugWIPNormalSELECTION-LIST set SCREEN-VALUE regression from trunk rev. 14821Radu Apetrii02/05/2024 07:08 AM
8226User InterfaceBugNewNormalArrow keys on numpad do not work in FWD01/27/2024 03:11 PM
8214DatabaseBugWIPNormalSplit Persister into SQLPersister and InMemoryPersisterAlexandru Lungu01/30/2024 11:12 AM
8212DatabaseBugNewNormalFILL operations do not work correctly with active dataset relations01/23/2024 02:08 PM
8210User InterfaceBugTestNormalREGRESSION: separator should not show in date editing FILL-IN in ChUI when FILL-IN is clearedVladimir Tsichevski01/30/2024 09:14 AM
8209User InterfaceBugNewNormalFieldGroup tabItems out of sync after widget is dynamically deleted01/22/2024 09:03 AM
8206Runtime InfrastructureBugWIPNormalLogging manager issuesTheodoros Theodorou02/15/2024 03:00 PM
8204User InterfaceBugTestNormalREGRESSION: separator should not show in a new date editing browse shell for unknown value01/29/2024 01:17 PM
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