The syntax for this script is:
./ -srvhost=<host> -adminuser=<username> -mode=[convert_in_place|deploy_preconverted_result] <ansible_opts>...

  1. <host> must be replaced with the target system's hostname
  2. <username> must be replaced with the target Ubuntu system's admin user account name
  3. use -mode=convert_in_place to install for conversion or -mode=deploy_preconverted_result to install an already converted application
  4. <ansible_opts> are specified as opt1=val1 opt2=val2 ... optn=valn - they will be passed directly to the ansible playbook.

Depending on the mode used, only certain files or Ansible options are required.

Depending on how the TARGET machine is configured, it might take ~20 minutes for ansible to complete the scripts.

It is recommended to do a reboot to pick up any updated kernels that occur during the installation process. The FWD application servers should autostart.