FWD (pronounced "Forward") is technology to convert a Progress ABL application to Java and to execute that converted code as a drop-in replacement of the original application.

This technology was originally referred to by the name "P2J", an acronym for "Progress 4GL to Java". It was a functional name which has now been replaced by the name FWD (pronounced "Forward"). This database has hundreds of thousands of existing references to P2J which will not be changed. When you see P2J, please read that as exactly equivalent to FWD and vice versa.

The public web site for the project can be found at FWD. You are currently in the project management system (a.k.a. Redmine) which is used to track bugs, track feature requests, participate in forums, download the code, access documentation and otherwise interact with the operations of the FWD project. If you want to find out details about what the FWD technology does and why it is useful, please see FWD.

Need help? Golden Code, the inventors of FWD, provide full service and support.

Quick Links:

Getting Started (this is best starting point for conversion and/or deployment in Java)
Code Analytics (this provides powerful ABL Code Analytics tools, no need to convert to Java to use these)
Development Priorities

Supported ABL Features
Not Yet ABL Supported Features
Develop in ABL and Deploy in Java
4GL Enhancements

Testing Process
Development Process
Coding Standards

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