Book Description
Code Analytics Details on how to setup and use the FWD Code Analytics tools to deeply inspect/analyze a Progress 4GL application.
Conversion Handbook This provides details on the automated conversion process, how to setup/configure/run conversion as well as many details about planning for a conversion project. This is usually the best place to start with FWD.
Conversion Reference This explains how ABL code and data features/structure is mapped to the Java equivalents. This is useful for understanding the converted code as well as to see the exact list of supported ABL features.
Developer Guide Explains the details of post-conversion development in the FWD environment, including how to make manual edits to the converted code, how to integrate other Java code into the converted code and much more. After the Conversion Handbook, this is typically the next book to read.
Installation, Configuration and Administration Guide Full details on how to implement, customize and manage a production installation of FWD.
FWD v3.2.1 Javadoc FWD v3.2.1 Javadoc (API and Code Reference)
FWD v4.0.0 Javadoc FWD v4.0.0 Javadoc (API and Code Reference)
Internals Documents the internal implementation of both the conversion and runtime technologies. It includes instructions on how to implement certain improvements, testing procedures and other "housekeeping" matters. This book is for people that want to make changes to the FWD technology.

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