Conversion Reference

This book is currently out of date, but it is in the process of being updated. There are a great many 4GL features which are supported in FWD but which are not yet reflected here. Likewise, there are many improvements and changes from the documented conversion results. Thank you for your patience while we bring this up to date.


Chapter 1 Introduction

Part 1 Conversion Front End

Chapter 2 Schema Loader
Chapter 3 WebSpeed Preprocessing
Chapter 4 Preprocessor
Chapter 5 Lexer
Chapter 6 Parser

Part 2 Application Structure

Chapter 7 Schema Conversion
Chapter 8 4GL Code Conversion
Chapter 9 Proxygen, REST, SOAP and WebHandler

Part 3 Schema Conversion

Chapter 10 Overview
Chapter 11 Data Definition Language
Chapter 12 DMO Index
Chapter 13 Hibernate Mappings

Part 4 Base Language

Chapter 14 Data Types
Chapter 15 Expressions
Chapter 16 Control Flow
Chapter 17 Blocks
Chapter 18 Transactions
Chapter 19 Parameter Definition and Passing
Chapter 20 Shared Resources
Chapter 21 Process Launching
Chapter 22 Streams
Chapter 23 File System and Environment Access
Chapter 24 Web Services Client
Chapter 25 Sockets
Chapter 26 XML
Chapter 27 Native API Calls

Part 5 Database Access

Chapter 28 Data Model Objects
Chapter 29 Record Buffer Definition and Scoping
Chapter 30 Record Buffer Statements
Chapter 31 Database Field References
Chapter 32 Database-Related Built-in Functions, Methods and Attributes
Chapter 33 Queries
Chapter 34 Record Selection Criteria
Chapter 35 Sorting Query Results
Chapter 36 Database Record Locking
Chapter 37 Database Connection Related Statements
Chapter 38 Datasets
Chapter 39 Database Triggers
Chapter 40 Accumulators

Part 6 User Interface

Chapter 41 Terminal Management
Chapter 42 Frames
Chapter 43 Displaying Data Using Frames
Chapter 44 Editing
Chapter 45 Validation
Chapter 46 Events
Chapter 47 Redirected Terminal Usage

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