Code Analytics

The tools described here are available starting with FWD v3.1. Get started by following the instructions in chapters 3 through 9.


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Understanding ASTs and TRPL

Setup, Parsing and Calculating Reports

Chapter 3 Installation
Chapter 4 Gathering Inputs
Chapter 5 Project Setup
Chapter 6 Internationalization
Chapter 7 Parsing
Chapter 8 Calculating Report Results
Chapter 9 Starting the Report Server


Chapter 10 Accessing the Analytics Web Application
Chapter 11 Standard Code and Schema Reports
Chapter 12 Source View
Chapter 13 Filtering Reports for a Subset of Files
Chapter 14 Search
Chapter 15 Custom Reports
Chapter 16 Source File Listing
Chapter 17 Writing TRPL Expressions

Call Graph

Chapter 18 Call Graph Analyzer
Chapter 19 Call Graph Visualization
Chapter 20 Call Graph Reports


Chapter 21 Running the Report Driver
Chapter 22 Running the Report Server
Chapter 23 User Management
Chapter 24 Persistence of Report Server Configuration

PUG Challenge Americas Slides

Slides for the Code Analytics session at the PUG Challenge on Wednesday June 7, 2017 (9:45am):


Older Version

The content in these chapters can be used with FWD v3.0 but is fully replaced by the Code Analytics starting in FWD v3.1.

Reporting in FWD v3.0
Call Graph Analyzer in FWD v3.0

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