Starting the Report Server


After the reports and statistics have been generated, the Report Server needs to be started. The Report Server is a web server that provides a javascript-based browser application for access to the analytics. It can be used from any modern browser.

How to Start the Report Server

The project template has an existing configuration and startup script for the report server. Execute following commands:

Linux Windows
cd ~/app_name/deploy/server/
cd c:\app_name\deploy\server

The server will create a log file named report_server.log in the ~/app_name/deploy/server/ (Linux) or c:\app_name\deploy\server\ (Windows) directory. The server process (look for a java process that is running the class should not exit but it will remain loaded in memory. If the server was started successfully, lines similar to these will be seen at the end of the log file:

INFO: Started @780ms
Sep 21, 2017 11:25:32 AM GenericWebServer.startup 
INFO: {main} Server URL:

If this appears, the server is ready for access via a browser. If this does not appear, use the log file content to attempt to address the issue.

Replacing the Template Project Certificates


Manually Starting the Report Server

For details on how to manually run the report server, see Running the Report Server.

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