Getting Started

Start Here

1. Download the FWD code.

2. Follow the instructions in Development Environment Setup to install a development system OR use a pre-built developer virtual machine (this is the easiest way to start).

3. Download one of the sample projects (if using the pre-built developer virtual machine, these are already included).

Pick the project that most closely matches the ABL application you are working on:

Hotel ChUI Demo Application
Hotel GUI Demo Application

4. Setup, convert and execute the sample project (if using the pre-built developer virtual machine, the Hotel GUI is already ready to execute).

The easiest way to try the technology is to use one of the sample projects. The following documentation explains how to setup, convert and run the associated sample project:

ChUI Setup, Conversion and Execution Instructions
GUI Setup, Conversion and Execution Instructions

The videos and screenshots that have been made can be completely duplicated using the FWD code and these sample projects. These can be used as an educational introduction to the technology.

Next Steps

1. Register for an account to join the FWD community.

2. Read the documentation to learn more about FWD. The Conversion Handbook is usually the best place to start.

3. Check out the forums to post a question or search for a topic.

4. If you believe you have found a defect in FWD, would like to request support for a particular feature, or have something to contribute to the project, please refer to the Development Process wiki page for instructions on submissions.

5. Contact Golden Code Development, the creators of the FWD project, for professional services, including adding features to FWD, assessment work, a proof of concept, complete turnkey projects, or anything in between.

6. Follow FWD on social media to get news about the project as it becomes available.


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