Not Yet Supported ABL Features

As a general rule, far more is implemented already than is not implemented. For details on what is implemented already, please see Supported ABL Features.

If your application relies upon something in this (currently) unsupported list, please see this.

Most features in FWD v3.0.0 are from OpenEdge 10.2B or earlier. Generally, features added to OpenEdge after 10.2B are not yet supported. This document is a summary of the ABL features needing work.

The parser is more complete than the rest of the downstream conversion and the runtime. Although there may be some v11 features/keywords missing, nearly everything will parse today. This allows you to run reports and do a gap analysis on the results.


Very little is missing from the FWD preprocessor. See Preprocessor Unsupported Features for the details.


There are some obscure items that are still open. You can look in com/goldencode/p2j/uast/progress.g and search on the word TODO.

Base Language

  • Object Oriented ABL and structured error handling
  • dynamic range extent index clause support ([expr FOR 5]) where the expr is not a numeric literal (the common case already works)
  • Some SSL socket options are missing.
  • XML support needs to be moved to the client.
  • PASCAL calling convention support for DLL calls
  • Host Language Call support (CALL stmt)
  • direct .NET class usage
  • .NET access to converted appserver, must be a simple replacement for the “Open .NET Client”
  • v10 authentication domains, security policy and client principals
  • v10 logging support
  • v10 auditing support
  • system handles
    • CALL
    • COMPILER system handle
    • DEBUGGER system handle
    • RCODE-INFO system handle
  • Transaction object handle
  • Stream object handle
  • Internationalization (I18N) is partial

User Interface

Miscellaneous UI Features (affects both ChUI and GUI)

  • There are some methods, attributes and frame/widget/browse options which are missing. A more detailed list is TBD.
  • Non-fillin widget support in a browse cell is missing.
  • CLIPBOARD system handle


  • menus are functional but need some bugs cleared (see #3553 and the issues marked related)
  • CHOOSE statement field mode cursor navigation has some deviations from the ABL behavior
  • slider is not implemented in the runtime
  • mouse events
  • color support in the WIN32 console


  • DDE
  • Active-X/OCX controls
  • .NET integration
  • Windows help
  • Windows printer support and the LANDSCAPE option for OUTPUT TO
  • Windows system dialogs (these are partially functional but will not be at a fully finished level until FWD v3.2)
  • The following work well in ChUI but are not enabled in GUI yet:
    • DOWN frames
    • redirecting to the terminal


  • PRODATASETs including the related system handles, methods and attributes
  • DATETIME-TZ timezone offset persistence
  • CLOB and BLOB support
  • RAW-TRANSFER statement variants that directly serialize/deserialize records
  • table and table handle parameters are supported but support is missing for BIND, APPEND and BY-VALUE modifiers (ECF, please review)
  • schema metadata support is partial (most is missing, but the most commonly used support is there)
  • CONTAINS operator has only partial support at this time
  • stored procedures
  • two-phase commit


WebSpeed code can parse but cannot convert or run.

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