The VM management bzr repository at provides scripts to automate the configuration of an existing Ubuntu 16.04 machine, to be used as a FWD conversion and/or application server machine.

The scripts are written for an open source systems management tool called Ansible.

To use these scripts, there will be two systems:

  1. the TARGET system, which will be configured by the Ansible scripts
  2. the CONTROLLER system, on which the Ansible scripts will be executed

For these instructions, substitute the following placeholders in each command:

  • <server_hostname> This is the hostname of the target system (VM) on which you are installing.
  • <admin_username> This is the admin user account on the target system (VM) on which you are installing.

This process is used to create systems that can be used to deploy build, test or production systems. This can be used on physical systems or on virtual machines. The result is designed for and tested on a single server system. There is no requirement for a Graphical Desktop environment (e.g. Gnome or KDE) to be installed.

The following components are installed:

  • PostgreSQL Database Cluster
  • Imported database instance for the application database (only a single DB instance is supported at this time). This is optional.
  • FWD Application Server
  • Converted Application (converted binaries and the runtime configuration). Optionally the conversion environment is fully setup and executed.
  • FWD Web Client and the Spawner
  • Standard Embedded Mode Web Application

This is sufficient to run remote FWD clients (ChUI, Swing GUI, locally installed web clients), ChUI clients and both kinds of GUI web client. If the system does have a graphical desktop environment, then it would be possible to run any of the interactive clients (e.g. Swing clients) there as well.