When using the native (NCURSES) ChUI client, some default TERMINFO definitions are broken. The vt320, vt220 and xterm definitions need to be fixed. This document details how to fix the TERMINFO definitions.

Manually Patching

Follow the next 3 steps to update the definitions (the example only shows vt320 case) manually.

Decompile the TERMINFO Entry

Use this command:

infocmp vt320 > vt320.tmp

The result will be saved in the temporary file.

Edit and Fix the Definitions

Edit the temp file vt320.tmp. Notice the TERMINFO location mentioned in the first line. It is typically: /usr/share/terminfo/v/vt320. Apply the specific changes documented here:

Definition xterm vt220 vt320
TAB n/a n/a ensure that ht=^I, exists and that knxt=^I, is deleted
HOME n/a n/a add or modify the khome= to be khome=\EOH.
END n/a add or modify the kend= to be kend=\E[F add or modify the kend= to be kend=\EOF
BACKSPACE add or modify kbs= to be kbs=\177 n/a n/a
cursor visibility n/a add or modify the civis= to be civis=\E[?25l
add or modify the cnorm= to be cnorm=\E[?25h

Save the file.

Recompile the TERMINFO Entry

Use the following command to compile the definition:

sudo tic -o/usr/share/terminfo vt320.tmp

Automating the Patching Process

Please see Automating the Patching Process for a solution.

The same script in the automated process can be ran manually, too:

chmod +x
sudo ./

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