RESIZE Attribute in Dialog Box

This feature included as of FWD v4.0.0. See #4247.

The subject of this 4GL language extension is the RESIZE attribute for DIALOG-BOX widget. The semantics of the introduced attribute is the same as the attribute RESIZE of WINDOW widget. When the attribute is set to true the target DIALOG-BOX window becomes user resizable, i.e. the window can be resized with a mouse. The default value of the attribute is false, and so the behavior defaults to the legacy 4GL.

Similarly as with the WINDOW widget, when the resizable DIALOG-BOX is resized a WINDOW-RESIZED event gets triggered for the target frame. See the example below how the feature is used.

The attribute is only assignable before the DIALOG-BOX has been realized.


default-window:visible = true.

define button b label "Close".
define frame f "This frame will fill the window when the dialog is resized." b with view-as dialog-box size 60 by 15.

frame f:resize = true.

enable all with frame f.

on window-resized of frame f
   message "Dialog resized".
   run layout.

run layout.

procedure layout:
   b:column = frame f:width / 2 - b:width in frame f / 2.
   b:row = frame f:height / 2 - b:height in frame f / 2.

wait-for close of this-procedure or choose of b in frame f.

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