Secure File Transfer System


Files and version management repositories are securely shared using a system at This system supports two protocols, secure copy (scp) and secure FTP (sftp). In order to participate in development tasks for FWD, you will need an account on Your contact in the FWD project can arrange this.

File Transfer

For file transfer, any system with ssh tools will be able to send or receive files.

Linux Windows
In Linux systems, an ssh client is installed by default in most cases. This will include the tools scp and sftp. ssh is not installed on Windows by default, but many options exist. Putty, WinSCP, FileZilla are common tools. Interestingly, Microsoft now makes it possible to install OpenSSH for Windows. OpenSSH is the standard toolset that is most often installed on Linux.


bzr directly supports the sftp protocol. To checkout a project, you can use an sftp URL:

bzr checkout sftp://<userid><project_location/

Available Projects

Key Based Authentication

Initially, any usage of the system will prompt you for a password, which quickly will become annoying. To set up password-less access to, please use the ssh-keygen tool to generate a public/private key pair, accepting all the defaults (including a blank password).

Then scp the resulting .ssh/ file to

scp ~/.ssh/ <userid>

Notify your FWD project contact when this is uploaded, and they will finish the setup of password-less access.

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