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improve ConversionDriver.main() to provide back a return code and/or better handle exceptions so that using it in ant or scripts will provide the caller with failure notification

Added by Greg Shah about 9 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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#1 Updated by Greg Shah about 9 years ago

From a customer:

Conversion failed last night (because we checked something in that we shouldn't have done - a change to the keyword test).
This is good - we've already found the mistake and fixed it.

What's less good is the conversion job reported success and the rest of the pipeline (building converted code; deploying; running tests) went ahead regardless.

Would it be possible for a non-zero exit code to be returned in the event of conversion exceptions?

Specifically, it would be good if ConversionDriver.main() didn't swallow exceptions. Perhaps the catch block at the end of that method could be changed to throw a RuntimeException?

#2 Updated by Paul E over 8 years ago

If this is a small job (I think it is, unless I'm missing something), then I'd really appreciate it being a high priority.
I'm happy to look at it again and submit a pull request if you like?

I've just spent 1hr trying to work out why all of our test servers failed to pass a basic sanity test on each run of our pipeline over the weekend.
The reason is that conversion failed and so we built incomplete customer app jars.

#3 Updated by Paul E over 8 years ago

Can you please add the following line of code in the exception catch block at the end of the main() method in ConversionDriver?:


I don't care about any specific error codes for why it failed, I just care about seeing a non-zero exit code so it's easy for me to script around it rather than having to get into parsing the log.

This would have saved me quite a bit of time on three occasions now.

Can you please let me know if you're not happy to do this soon, so that I can patch it myself if that's the case?

#4 Updated by Greg Shah over 8 years ago

This won't be a problem. Eric will include this change shortly.

#5 Updated by Eric Faulhaber over 8 years ago

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The update is applied to branch 2503a, rev. 10909, based on trunk rev. 10908. Performed ad-hoc testing only, regression testing not required.

#6 Updated by Paul E over 8 years ago

Great, thanks guys!

#7 Updated by Eric Faulhaber over 8 years ago

Paul Eames wrote:

Great, thanks guys!

No problem.

Branch 2503a was merged into trunk rev. 10909 and the branch was archived.

Greg: I don't know if you had something more elaborate in mind for the long term w.r.t. implementing more specific return codes. If not, please go ahead and close this issue.

#8 Updated by Greg Shah over 8 years ago

We intend to provide a detailed return code that will allow detection of specific failures.

#9 Updated by Paul E almost 8 years ago

I was happy about 7 months ago that the fix in rev 10909 gave me what I needed. It appears there is at least one case where this alone was not enough. We checked in some broken Progress code (code that would not compile correctly in Progress) to our test branch and the P2J parser quite reasonably failed to parse it, throwing an exception. This exception is then swallowed on line 206 of com.goldencode.p2j.uast.ScanDriver. I can see why that is done - in earlier stages of a project you'll want to progress with conversion irrespective of errors. Can this behaviour be toggleable please? I don't really mind how it's achieved: either it could propagate the exception out (i.e. fail conversion on the first failure of this kind), or you could implement an information gatherer that gathers a list of failures of this kind before failing after this conversion pass. The main thing for us is that we need this to fail as it's substantially lower effort to find a failure at this stage than it is at runtime.

The relevant portion of the stacktrace is as follows:

com.goldencode.ast.AstException: Error processing <redacted>
        at com.goldencode.p2j.uast.AstGenerator.processFile(
        at com.goldencode.p2j.uast.AstGenerator.processFile(
        at com.goldencode.p2j.uast.ScanDriver.scan(
        at com.goldencode.p2j.uast.ScanDriver.scan(
        at com.goldencode.p2j.convert.ConversionDriver.runScanDriver(
        at com.goldencode.p2j.convert.ConversionDriver.front(
        at com.goldencode.p2j.convert.ConversionDriver.main(

#10 Updated by Eric Faulhaber almost 8 years ago

I've recently been making changes in this area and so I tried to implement this behavior quickly as part of this effort. Unfortunately, fully implementing this feature will require a higher level of effort than I had hoped. My initial attempt catches some errors at one of the higher level classes and aborts the scan if a new flag is set. However, many lower level errors are handled/reported and then suppressed in a number of places deeper in the code. To adjust all these locations will require a greater refactoring effort than I can take on at the moment, but we will come back to this.

#11 Updated by Greg Shah over 7 years ago

  • Target version changed from 24 to Deployment and Management Improvements

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