Bug #3057

bad synchronization in AsyncRequestImpl

Added by Ovidiu Maxiniuc about 8 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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#1 Updated by Ovidiu Maxiniuc about 8 years ago

I found the following issue in the class is (too) heavily synchronized.

The synchronized void execute(boolean event) method is the one that will spend a lot of time with the sync lock acquired. It runs on a temporary AssociatedThread. It calls and, if the call is not canceled, it sets the complete flag to true (in finally clause).

The question:
How can another / the main thread know if the request if completed or not?
The isComplete() method is also synchronized, which means it will not be effectively called until the lock is released, that is, at the end of execute() method. But, at that moment, the complete flag is always set to true. Eventually, the current thread is also blocked until the asynchronous request ends.

The other synchronized methods also are not working properly. If isCancelled() / isQuit() and isStop() somehow make sense only to be called when the execute() is already finished, they will at least block the current thread until this execute() releases the lock if not already finished. The stop() method is useless as it will be able to execute only after the execute() finishes so there is nothing to stop.

#2 Updated by Ovidiu Maxiniuc about 8 years ago

To duplicate the issue I used an asynchronous call to a (slow) web-service and stop/ disconnect before it has the time to return successfully:

   RUN CelsiusToFahrenheit IN hPortType
      (INPUT cValue, OUTPUT fValue).

The called service, intentionally sleeps for a few seconds before returning the result (or this can be achieved suspending the process at a breakpoint).

#3 Updated by Constantin Asofiei about 8 years ago

I agree, the AsyncRequestImpl is too synchronized. I think is enough to set volatile for the complete, cancelled, quit, stop, error, valid and requestId fields and remove the synchronized from the methods.

Also, stop() will have to synchronize the wait() block, as in:

      while (!complete)
         synchronized (this)
            catch (InterruptedException e)

#4 Updated by Ovidiu Maxiniuc almost 7 years ago

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The update for this issue was part of branch 3130a.
It passed conversion testing on devsrv01 and ETF on local workstation. It was merged to trunk as revision 11149.

#5 Updated by Greg Shah almost 7 years ago

Can I close this?

#6 Updated by Ovidiu Maxiniuc almost 7 years ago

Greg Shah wrote:

Can I close this?

Yes, please.

#7 Updated by Greg Shah almost 7 years ago

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