Become a FWD Developer

A FWD developer is someone that modifies, enhances and/or fixes the Java source code of the FWD project. If you are simply wanting to learn how to use FWD for conversion or deployment, read the Getting Started document instead of this page.

The following is the "ramp-up" task list for becoming a FWD developer. Make sure you follow the links in each item where you will find more detailed instructions.

1. Register for an account on this system. This will allow you to report bugs, post to the forums and otherwise participate in the FWD development process. Without this, your access to this system will be read-only.

2. If you are not already a Progress 4GL developer, teach yourself the basics of 4GL development. You don't need to be an expert 4GL developer, but you need to be able to read 4GL, understand what the code is doing and write programs using the most common features.

3. Install a FWD development system.

4. If you are not already a Java developer, teach yourself the basics of Java development.

5. Read and study these details about how FWD works.

6. Post questions in the Forums as needed.

7. You should be ready to pick up some FWD development tasks at this point. Fixing bugs is a good way to start. This will allow you to dig into existing code before writing any substantial new code.

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