Best Practices for Conversion Projects


TBD: all of these approaches have the same idea in mind: start small and then build/add to it in small increments; this keeps the number of problems low and allows you to get things working without the full complexity of project all at once

Don't Skip the Gap Analysis/Assessment

TBD: knowing the specific problems you will encounter will save you a huge amount of time and allow you to properly plan the project; you're moving a 30+ year old project to a new platform, skipping this step will make it take longer and it will add risk

Proof of Concept

TBD: discuss the approach of using a cut-down subset of the larger application which does enough to confirm the validity without opening the scope to the full project; for GUI applications in particular you often may need to avoid OCX or .NET components that are not yet supported

One Directory At A Time

TBD: this can also be called a module by module approach, the idea is to get a subset of the application converting (or compiling) before moving on to the next piece; this is most often used to get through a specific phase of the work; the phases that most often need this are parsing, annotations, core conversion or javac

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