Swing CHUI Client Applet Setup

server-side setup of the swing chui client applet:

The p2j/testcases/simple/server/directory.xml has an example of how to update the directory to include the section needed to enable applet support:

    <node class="container" name="server">
      <node class="container" name="default">
         <node class="boolean" name="adminEnabled">
           <node-attribute name="value" value="FALSE"/>
         <node class="container" name="chuiApplet">
            <node class="boolean" name="enabled">
              <node-attribute name="value" value="TRUE"/>
            <node class="integer" name="rows">
              <node-attribute name="value" value="24"/>
            <node class="integer" name="columns">
              <node-attribute name="value" value="80"/>
            <node class="string" name="background">
              <node-attribute name="value" value="0x000000"/>
            <node class="string" name="foreground">
              <node-attribute name="value" value="0xFFA500"/>
            <node class="string" name="selection">
              <node-attribute name="value" value="0x0000FF"/>
            <node class="string" name="fontname">
              <node-attribute name="value" value="monospaced"/>
            <node class="integer" name="fontsize">
              <node-attribute name="value" value="12"/>
         <node class="integer" name="adminPort">
           <node-attribute name="value" value="7443"/>

The adminPort node still determines the web server's port. We still only support HTTPS. However, the chuiApplet section can be enabled independently of the adminEnabled value (as shown above). The web server only listens on 1 port regardless of which applet(s) are enabled.

To try the applet support (make sure you have the ask.p and some other testcase converted and compiled into p2j.jar), use this URL:


Of course, you will have to accept the certificate exception just as you would do for the admin console.

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