Contributor Agreement


We would prefer not to have a contributor agreement. Some organizations require access to FWD under a license that allows distribution without releasing their converted application code under the AGPLv3. Due to this need to deliver FWD under both an AGPLv3 and a commercial license, all contributions to FWD must be made using the following contributor agreement.

This agreement provides Golden Code with the ability to license the project for commercial use. This dual licensing is the source of much of the revenue that supports the continued development of FWD. As the creator and primary copyright holder of the FWD project, Golden Code has reserved the right to exclusively license the project under commercial terms.


The following is the contributor agreement:


Review it carefully, fill out all required fields on the last page. Sign the agreement and send a fully executed copy in .pdf form to .

fwd_contributor_agreement_20170411.pdf (36.7 KB) Greg Shah, 04/11/2017 08:39 AM