Debugging GUI

This page contains useful tips that may help with debugging GUI related issues.

Widget Browser

Often it is needed to examine the state of the individual widgets when solving GUI issues. For complex screens this may be a daunting task. FWD contains a graphical tool capable of inspecting all the widgets at runtime. Widget browser, when enabled, opens additional window for every 4GL window or 4GL dialog displayed on the screen.

To enable this feature, create the file in the root directory of FWD project and add widget.browser=true to it. This will include Widget browser Java sources in the build and so you will need to rebuild the project. Last but not least add widget.browser Java property to the command starting FWD client. Add -Dwidget.browser command line argument to the java command responsible for starting FWD client. The command will become java -Dwidget.browser com.goldencode.p2j.ClientDriver <additional parameters>.

TODO: Provide instructions for running Widget browser in Web client.