FWD v3.2.1

This is a minor revision to the third public release of the FWD open source project. The work for this minor revision was done in #4147 (and branch 4147a). Please see Getting Started for a good set of steps you can follow to try it out.

Download Revision Date Description
FWD v3.2.1 11284 10/23/2019 Stable FWD source code for v3.2.1.
FWD v3.2.1 Javadoc 11284 10/23/2019 Javadoc for FWD v3.2.1 (or you can access the live version).
FWD v3.2.1 Java Dependencies 11284 10/23/2019 3rd party jar files needed to run FWD. See Software Dependencies for details. This is not normally needed because the FWD build process automatically downloads the dependencies. We are posting these here purely as a way to archive them for future use if needed.
FWD v3.2.1 Change Log 11284 10/23/2019 Change log for FWD v3.2.1 (describing all changes between revisions 11282 and 11284, inclusive).

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