The FWD project code is available as a ZIP format archive file in the downloads section of this site. This archive should include all of the source code and supporting files needed to build the FWD project on a given system.

The archive filename is normally in the form fwd_<branch_name>_revision_<revno>_<date>.zip. For this example, assume that the is in your home directory and that the FWD code is to be installed in a directory named ~/projects (Linux) or c:\projects (Windows). Given these assumptions, installation is as simple as the following commands to extract the zip file:

Linux Windows
cd ~/projects
unzip ~/
First install JDK to use jar tool as zip extractor.
cd c:\projects
jar xf c:\PathToBundle\

A directory ~/projects/p2j (Linux) or c:\projects\p2j (Windows) will be created with the source tree of the FWD project. For the remainder of the chapter, the environment variable $FWD (Linux) or %FWD% (Windows) will be a reference to that directory. The "p2j" is a historical name for "Progress 4GL to Java". References to that name are still present in the code. Those references will be removed and/or replaced with references to "fwd", but that work is not yet complete.

This can be "saved" into the environment to simplify subsequent commands:

Linux Windows
export FWD=~/projects/p2j
Please note that this will only set the variable for the current terminal session. You will need to set this each time your start a new terminal session, if it is needed.
Go to the Control Panel/System/Advanced System Settings/Environment Variables and add system environment variable with name FWD and value c:\projects\p2j. This will set it persistently for all future command prompts.

You can create and assign the environment variable for the current command prompt using set FWD=c:\projects\p2j. This will be valid within current session only.