ProxyGen and Open Client Usage


Converted 4GL code can be called over the network in FWD. This is a functional replacement for the use of the Java Open Client to access the 4GL classic appserver /APSV transport in PASOE. Any code using the Progress Software Corp. Java Open Client, must be rewritten to use the equivalent Java classes in FWD. These classes are NOT "drop-in replacements" for the Java Open Client. This means that a developer must do some mapping/rework of the code but it is important to note that the core functionality is the same so it is not a huge project to rework the Java code.



Java Open Client Usage

TBD: we need to at least provide details of the process to rework the Java code;

TBD: should we make a separate chapter in the Developer Guide with more complete details on the specific Java Open Client replacement/mappings?

.NET Open Client Usage

At this time, there is no tested support for replacing the .NET Open Client. It is possible to provide this using the existing Java Open Client replacement. Please see #3326 for details.

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