Web Server

TBD: should include all the Jetty stuff in the FWD server including servlets, web services, static web resources...


Legacy (4GL) REST

Legacy (4GL) SOAP

Custom Servlets

Static Web Content

Static web content can be served by FWD web server with help of these directory settings under /server/default root node

        <node class="container" name="web-static-content">
          <node class="container" name="web1">
            <node class="string" name="context">
              <node-attribute name="value" value="/app/help"/>
            <node class="string" name="resource">
              <node-attribute name="value" value="/com/goldencode/testcases/HTML/"/>
            <node class="string" name="file">
              <node-attribute name="value" value="index.html"/>

where the value /app/help of context node defines the public context path to the web static resources located by the value /com/goldencode/testcases/HTML/ of resource node and the optional node file defines the welcome page that is displayed for https://host:port/app/help.
The web static resource can be located within the application jar file or the file system on the server.

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