Windows GUI to Web Migration


The most complex conversion project is usually related to applications which are current running as a Windows Desktop/4GL GUI and which are being migrated to a Linux-based Web/Cloud application. The reasons to move away from Windows Desktop GUI are probably quite obvious to most readers. Linux is virtually always chosen here for many practical reasons:

  • it is less expensive and removes restrictive licensing issues
  • it is easier to implement, deploy and support in the cloud than Windows

This chapter documents the issues that can be seen in such migrations and provides guidance on how to resolve these issues.

OCX Usage

Font Usage and Text Metrics


  • See #1794, #2701, #3842, #2747
  • what built-in replacements does FWD use, see #2675 and #3876-31
  • ui_strings.txt, capturing metrics/running tools/get-font-metrics.p and tools/get-text-metrics.p, configuring the results
    • Output is XML that goes into jar. See Eugenie for details
  • directory configuration, font overrides, how fonts get loaded/honored

Graphics Resources

Filesystem Paths and Names

absolute and/or windows-specific


COM Automation Usage

Reports, Printing, Viewing and Saving Files

Email Usage

HWND Usage

Native API Usage

Child Process Launching

Windows Shell Usage

System Dialogs

INI Files

Registry Usage

.NET Usage

DOWN Frames, Redirected Terminal and Stream I/O

Help Files

Widget IDs

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